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Advantages and characteristics of custom workwear fabrics


Workwear fabrics can be said to be the soul of making workwear. Because of the protective nature of special work clothes, its main functions must be realized by special fabrics. Workwear fabrics are workwear fabrics specially made for the needs of workers. It can effectively protect the body from trauma including protection, washing resistance, heat resistance and so on.
The characteristics of tooling fabrics are that they must be functional. According to the nature of the enterprise, there are different types of tooling fabrics. For example, the tooling of construction companies should be made of canvas or Oxford cloth with high wear resistance; electronic companies should choose anti-static. Tooling fabrics, etc. Some industries require special functions such as fire protection, water resistance, and arc protection. Workwear fabrics also need to be comfortable. Workwear generally requires breathability and durability, which is the most basic requirement for workwear fabrics. In addition, considering the economy, tooling fabrics should be cost-effective and affordable. The key factor in determining a good overalls should be how to choose the right fabric.
The selection of tooling fabrics needs to be selected according to the characteristics of the work clothes and the industry. The fabrics we produce have the advantages of clear texture, smooth surface, not easy to fade and no pilling, anti-shrinkage, dimensionally stable, soft to the touch, strong drape, wear-resistant and washable, moisture-absorbing and breathable, stiff and wrinkle-resistant, and strong color fastness. In particular, multi-functional fabrics have the advantages of high quality, fine texture, soft luster, high strength and high environmental protection, good flame retardancy and washing resistance, non-toxic and odorless, safe and reliable for the human body, and comfortable to wear. The price advantage is deeply loved by customers. A variety of functions can be combined according to customer requirements, which is convenient to meet different job requirements.
Yulong Textile is a one-stop manufacturer of functional fabrics and clothing. The company produces various flame-retardant fabrics and other functional fabrics. It has mature technology and complete equipment, and has diversified products. Factory direct sales of flame-retardant fabrics of the same quality are more favorable. We can produce different kinds of flame retardant fabrics according to the different requirements of customers, and can also have waterproof, anti-static, anti-arc, fluorescent and other multi-functional fabrics according to the requirements.