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Basic Knowledge of Flame Retardant Fabrics

flame retardant fabric

What is flame retardant fabric, which is one of the most popular questions at the moment, as the name suggests, to prevent burning fabrics?Not completely, flame retardant fabrics have flame retardant property not equal to not combustion, but control the combustion speed in a certain range.Even if it is lit, it can be automatically extinguished in 12 seconds.

According the the washing times,flame retardant fabrics can be divided into:

1. Permanent flame retardant fabric

2. Washing resistance (over 50 times) flame retardant fabrics

3. Semi-washable flame retardant fabrics

4. Disposable flame retardant fabrics

Different properties of the fabric, the production process is different, there are two kinds of flame retardant fabrics at present: After fishing flame retardant fabrics, such as pure cotton, cotton-polyester, etc.Essential flame retardant fabrics, such as aramid, acrylic, flame retardant fabrics, etc.Flame retardant fabrics in the industrial and civil fields has been very widely used in various countries in the world, in the steel mills, glass factories, forge and foundry, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, fire fighting, etc of the flame retardant protective clothing and daily work clothes, in hospitals, hotels, airports, ships, railways and other public places, flame retardant fabrics such as bedding, curtain also is often used to make the flame retardant have corresponding requirements of the textile products.

International for unified management of flame retardant fabrics such as flame retardant products, formulate the corresponding standard of flame retardant, the current international standard used is the European standard and the American standard, the European standard of EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, EN1149-3, IEC 61482-1-1, American standard ASTM D6413, NFPA 2112, ASTM F1959, NFPA70E, etc.The fire-retardant fabrics produced by Yulong textile production in Xinxiang city can meet the above standard test.

Xinxiang Yulong textile can produce both protective fabrics and protective clothing, which can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, forestry and other industries.At the same time, we can provide a complete set of testing services for customers.

flame retardant fabric