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Brief Talking on 2018 Russia Labor Protection BIOT Exhibition


2018 Russia Labor Protection BIOT Exhibition

Russia labor protection BIOT 2018 exhibition time start from 11th to 14th Dec. Exhibition in Moscow, Russia All-Russian Exhibition Center Hall 75, The organizer is hosted by the Russian Federation of Individual Protectors / Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Russian Federation. This is an exhibition to strengthen security protection. Xinxiang Yulong Company has the honor to visit this exhibition.

This exhibition is a platform to for our flame retardant fabric manufacturers to show the strength of our products , our variety of flame retardant fabrics, which can be applied to protective clothing, special clothing, helmets required by the exhibition, and can be used as protective materials for the head, face, eyes, ears, hands and other limbs. China's booths occupy more than 20% of the space, and there are two exhibitors from Xinxiang, visiting companies even more.

During the exhibition, our participants have a meeting with Russian clients, Many Russia customers showed big interesting in our Xinxiang Yulong flame retardant fabric, and chat about many details of types of flame retardant workwear, and the flame retardant fabric used and accessories.

In Russia, labor protection products are important protective products to protect workers' lives and health during the production process. The quality of the products is directly related to the health and safety of workers, high quality safety and work protective products have big market in Russia, and we must seize the opportunity to supply more high quality flame retardant fabric and other protective fabric to Russian guests.

2018 Russia Labor Protection BIOT Exhibition