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How to buy high-quality flame retardant fabrics

How to buy high-quality flame-retardant fabrics is the focus of the majority of buyers. The important points of how to buy flame-retardant fabrics have been sorted out, hoping to help our customers.

1. Determine the application area and fabric function

The first thing to determine is which field the flame-retardant fabric you want to purchase is applied to, whether it is flame-retardant tooling or decorative flame-retardant fabric. Also make sure that the function of the flame-retardant fabric you want to buy is only flame-retardant or requires other functions, such as anti-static, oil-proof and waterproof.

2. Determine the composition of the fabric. According to the composition, the flame retardant fabric is divided into:

1. Full cotton flame retardant fabric: 100% cotton knitted and woven series;

2. CVC flame retardant fabric: CVC 80/20 85/15 70/30, etc.;

4. Cotton/nylon flame retardant fabric: CN88/12

5. Aramid flame retardant fabric: Aramid ШA 93/5/2

6. Acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric: 60/40 60/38/2

7. Other kinds of fiber synthetic flame retardant fabric

If you are not sure of the composition, you can send samples to the manufacturer. Professional manufacturers can analyze the composition of the fabric. Our Xinxiang Yulong Textile has a professional flame-retardant fabric testing laboratory and related professional testing equipment, which can help free The customer checks the composition ratio of the fabric.

Third, the flame retardant effect of flame retardant fabrics

Flame retardant fabrics are divided into natural fiber flame retardant fabrics and post-finished flame retardant fabrics. Post-finished flame retardant fabrics are divided into two types: disposable flame retardant fabrics and durable flame retardant fabrics. Fiber flame-retardant fabric is also called inherent flame-retardant fabric. The fiber has a flame-retardant effect before weaving, and it is inherently flame-retardant, and the washing effect is more than 50-100 times. For example, aramid flame-retardant fabrics, modified acrylic cotton flame-retardant fabrics, etc., are usually used in clothing fabrics.

Disposable flame-retardant fabrics are ordinary fabrics that are treated with flame retardants in the later dyeing and finishing. Its major disadvantage is that the flame-retardant effect disappears or significantly declines after washing. Usually we apply it to some occasions with less washing times. Such as hotel curtains.

Durable flame-retardant fabric is the use of flame retardant in cotton fiber and its blended fabric. Its main feature is that after using this flame retardant to produce and finish, the fabric can have good flame retardant ability after being washed 50 times. Also used in clothing fabrics.

Fourth, how to test the quality of flame retardant cloth

Professional manufacturers producing flame-retardant fabrics need to have a professional flame-retardant fabric testing room, and each batch of fabrics they produce can be tested on their own quality. Of course, professional testing reports for fabrics are also indispensable.