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  • South Africa Customer Orders Fluorescent Flame Retardant Anti-Static Clothing

    Africa is a rich and historic continent. Many agricultural and mineral products in the region occupy an important position in the world, and crude oil is also very rich.

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  • After Canton fair, The American Customer Placing Acrylic Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

    After Canton fair, The American Customer Placing Acrylic Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

    The 122 Autumn Canton fair just finished a few days, Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. has received the order from American customers for acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric. The American customers through the Canton fair know Yulong Textile salesman and have a detailed communication, detailed knowledge of our salesman and earnest service attitude impressed, combined with other aspects of understanding and consulting and ultimately chose us Yulong Textile, and under the 1000 meters of flame retardant acrylic cotton fabrics list.

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  • flame retardant cotton coverall

    Nordic Customers Order Flame Retardant Cotton Coverall for Winter

    Xinxiang Yulong textile received a Nordic customer order in October- Flame Retardant Cotton coverall. The customer, after seeing the related products on our website, consulted and explained the requirements of the product.

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  • 3000 Pieces High Visibility Jacket Order Placed by Central Europe Customer

    3000 Pieces High Visibility Jackets Order Placed by Central Europe Customer

    In early August, we received central Europe customer enquiries from high visibility jackets. We found after business managers communicate with customers, the customer is a very experienced in Europe distributor, and they want to buy a total of 3000 a high visibility jacket as a railway workers work clothes.

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  • cotton arc proof jacket

    Eastern Europe Client Ordered Cotton Arc Proof Jacket

    Recently, we had a cotton arc proof jacket order from Eastern Europe client, this client used it as oil and gas industry protective clothing,
    The cotton arc proof jacket produced by Yulong Textile is made of anti arc fabric and fire retardant and anti arc accessories, it can prevent arc, spark, metal droplets, and also prevent the spread of flame

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  • The Flame Retardant Anti-Static Shirt Made by Yulong Textile is on Sales

    The Flame Retardant Anti-Static Shirt Made by Yulong Textile is on Sales

    At the beginning of June, we received a 5000 flame retardant anti-static shirt order, the order of communication before and after 2 months, and the customer is from one of the Maghreb countries.

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  • The Hot-Sale fabric of Yulong textile-----Anti-mosquito fabrics

    The Hot-Sale Fabric of Yulong Textile–Anti-Mosquito Fabrics

    With the arrival of summer, the demand for anti-mosquito fabrics is rising, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. The anti-mosquito fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile is a new type protective fabric which was developed based on the customers’ request, it can not only effectively protect mosquitoes, but also has antibacterial deodorant, moisture perspiration function, is the best choice for outdoor clothing.

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  • flame resistant coverall

    Reorder Flame Resistant Coverall from Old Client

    With the approaching of the summer, many areas have begun to order the fall and winter of flame resistant coverall. Worked in foreign trade export business of manufacturing companies all know, our order delivery is generally in about half a year, so the more close to the summer, winter orders.

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  • Hot Sale for Aramid Fabric in The Middle East

    Hot Sale for Aramid Fabric in The Middle East

    It is well known that aramid fabric has natural flame retardant properties, while the aramid IIIA fabric is made of 93% aramid 1313, 5% aramid 1414 and 2% carbon fiber composite, in addition to a good flame retardant properties Also has anti-static performance.

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  • Fluorescent Waterproof Fabric Selling 8,000 Meters in Southeast Asia

    Fluorescent Waterproof Fabric Selling 8,000 Meters in Southeast Asia

    In mid-March, one of our sale person who is just stay here over a year gpt a new order-8000meters fluorescent waterproof fabric. Her customers from Southeast Asia, after nearly a month negotiations, and finally finalized our 250gsm fluorescent waterproof fabric.

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  • Old Client Order FR Coveralls

    Old Client Order: FR Coveralls

    In early March, we Xinxiang Yulong Textile got a 10000pcs FR coverall order, as can be imagined, it is a typical European order. That order is placed by our old client and we have been working together for 5 years, his previous orders are FR fabric, and this time such a garment order is based on high quality fabric and our salesmen service attitude,they believe we have enough ability to complete this order.

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  • The Cotton Flame-Retardant Anti-Static Fabric

    The Cotton Flame-Retardant Anti-Static Fabric of Yulong Textile is on Hot-Sale

    The cotton flame retardant fabric was treated by proban or CP, it can make the normal cotton fabric has the durable FR function. And can be washed 50 times to 100 times , While the formaldehyde content in full compliance with international environmental requirements of less than 300ppm, or even the lowest can reach 50ppm of formaldehyde content.

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