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Yulong Textile to Teach you How to Choose a Good FR Workwear


fr workwear test

Fr workwear is engaged in petroleum, chemical, electrical, smelting, often in a staff of flammable and combustible environment one of the commonly used protective device. So what kind of Fr workwear is high quality tooling, we should be how to evaluate a set of Fr workwear? Today everybody just follow me to have a look at it.

Fr workwear quality assessment is mainly from the physical and mechanical properties of flame retardancy, thermal protection, as well as three aspects. Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. Integrates its fabric factory and garment factory, the formation of the pioneering the production mode of unifinication of fabrics/clothing. We produce flame retardant equipment in the process of fabric will be to the corresponding tracking test of flame retardant fabrics, to ensure the high quality of flame retardant tooling.

First,about fr workwear flame retardant test fixtures, we usually take a test detection means is vertical. Adjust the size in the flame retardant tester, when the flame reaches standard length will be vertical fr workwear fabric with flame, burning 12 seconds, observed during its combustion condition; Flame left for smoldering completely stop measuring the damaged length of the flame retardant fabrics, the shorter the length of the damaged flame retardant effect, the better.

The second is the thermal protective fr workwear. For thermal protective test flame retardant tooling, we are the most common is the heat meter test method, refers to the fire simulation experiment for simulation of people put on flame retardant tooling, it is now the most advanced burns assessment test methods.

Finally is flame retardant fabrics of tooling and testing method of physical mechanics performance, through the corresponding testing equipment can detect the stretch ability of the fr workwear used fabric, fault resistance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and other physical and mechanical properties, flame retardant tooling of tear strength test can reflect the strength of the fabric more good or bad.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., LTD., combined with years of production experience and a large number of test data, science compiled a set of perfect fr workwear evaluation way, to ensure that the flame retardant tooling for our customers to provide quality, so as to bring our customers a good safety protection new experiences.

fr workwear test