How to Choose High Security Fire Proof Workwear?

Fire proof property:

When buying fire proof workwear, first check the fire retardant fabric material, fibre composition etc, also can remove one or two yarns at the seams, with a lighter to see the fire proof property and shrinkage of yarn. Usually, in case of fire, the para aramid blended fabric not only has fire proof property, the shrinkage is relatively low. 100% cotton fire proof fabric has bigger shrinkage, but the strength is low after carbonization. The other polymer fire retardant fiber, when in fire, the shrinkage is less than 50%, no matter blended fiber or pure spinning fiber, so it plays a very good protective effect in case of fire.

Lasting durability:

The service life of para aramid fibe is long, after washing, exposure or abrasion, the fire proof workwear also can keep high temperature and fire retardant performance, mechanical strength and permeability.