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Combine Work and Play Will Get Higher Efficiency


Combine Work and Play Will Get Higher Efficiency

In the daily tense work, people are easy to feel tired. There is no doubt that if we organize an outdoor activity at that time will improve workers’ fighting will. Last week, we organize an outdoor barbecue. Our company colleagues feel elated once they got this news. In the following days, we have an expectation for outdoor barbecue besides the daily tense work.

Such a clear and refreshing autumn weather! We all could not help praise how beautiful the nature is and enjoy ourselves into the road landscape. In this barbecue activity, we all perform our ways in orderly. After we found a suitable place, we prepared for our delicious barbecue. Our girls who lose weight at ordinary times also started to enjoy the meat when the meat and fish smell delicious. After the barbecue, we looked at the blue sky and white clouds with whispering waters and towering white poplar and felt extremely happy on that day.

Through this outdoor barbecue activity, we have much more energy when we back to our work in Monday. Only after one tense work day can we feel much relax. Only after thoroughly relax can we put much energy into work. And only when we combine work and play more efficiently can we balance our work and life.