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Corporate Culture Promotes The Development of Yulong Textile


Corporate Culture promotes the development of Yulong01

Every enterprise has it own unique corporate culture. It is the soul of the enterprise and it is the driving force to promote the development of enterprise. Through refining and spreading the corporate values, the function of corporate culture is to pursue one same dream for the people who come from different place.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is founded in March, 2002. After many years development, there is a complete set of corporate culture. From the enterprise vision, spirit, value to philosophy, every item sank into the memory of every employee. Through the continuously development, every employee has the same value with the company. Everyday we keep the corporate culture in mind all the time and put into actions.

Only when the corporate culture connected with work and sank into every employees’ heart can the corporate culture has the value of existence. The spirit and value of enterprise is reflected by corporate culture and every employee’ practical action. Every enterprise will strive to develop around the good vision of corporate culture and every employee will spread the philosophy of corporate culture by their own philosophy. We believe that our enterprise with the same heart and same dream will be successful in the end.