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Discusses The Method of Yulong Textile’s Printing and Dyeing


Discusses The Method of Yulong Textile's Printing and Dyeing

In Weidu Ma's sina blog "dyeing" wrote: "the clothes are cloth dyeing, it will be easier to rub off if it wearing long time, rub off after appear poor gas spirit, not the clothes rub off after that so many people go to dyeing after renovation, cleaners and dyers to themselves and others."

For printing and dyeing, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., LTD., is quite experienced, Yulong Textile printing and dyeing cloth there is two main methods: one is VAT dye, another is reactive dyes.

VAT dye is mainly used for dyeing cotton, linen fabric, good color fastness, washing fastness, perspiration fastness, sunlight fastness, rubbing fastness and resistance to chlorine fastness are good. Used to pad dyeing, dyes to dye, after reduction and then after oxidation. Some dyes can also be made into soluble VAT dyes, easy to use, but the price is on the high side.

Reactive dyes is not adding azo dyes and formaldehyde in the process of printing and dyeing, does not produce harmful substances, and do not fade not shrink after washing. Reactive dyeing advantage slip soft feel, ordinary words, reactive dye fabric looks like mercerized cotton, look from the pros and cons of printing and dyeing effect is very good.

Yulong Textile for many years to focus on the production of flame-retardant, fluorescence of various functional fabrics and protective clothing, is the green dyes were used, the fabric after yulong textile a complex series of dyeing, color fastness, number of washing, the performance of the fabric is very stable.