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How to Distinguish The Positive and Negative Sides of Antistatic Fabric?

Antistatic fabric

Antistatic fabric generally uses conductive fiber, it is difficult to identify the positive and negative sides, especially for those who have just been engaged in anti-static industry. This paper introduces several methods and skills to identify anti-static fabric.

1, The general antistatic fabric front pattern, color is clear and beautiful than the opposite side.

2, Anti-static fabric with stripe appearance, its positive pattern must be clear and pleasant.

3, A convex and concave convex anti static fabric, positive close and delicate, with strip or embossed pattern; when the reverse side is rough, floats longer.

4, Suede antistatic fabric: single suede fabric, plush side for the front. The fabric with double sides is the front of the fabric with the smooth and neat side of the fluff.

5, To observe the anti static fabric selvage selvage, smooth, neat side in front of the fabric.

6, Double layer, multi-layer anti-static fabric, such as the positive and negative latitude and longitude density is not the same, then the general face has a larger density or positive raw materials better.

7, Leno: clear lines, twisted by prominent positive side.

8, Terry fabric: Terry density side is front.

9, Printed fabric: flower shape clear, bright color side for the front.

Hope that these can help you to distinguish the opposite sides of the anti-static fabric faster.

Antistatic fabric