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Dry in The Autumn to Guard Against Fire Because of Static


Dry in The Autumn to Guard Against Fire Because of Static

Static--An interesting physical phenomenon.We often make some interesting games use this phenomenon,such as let our hair stand up,attach the pieces of paper to the balloon.But a lot of people do not know that when static accumulate and reaches a critical point it creates and electric spark.at the same time have some inflammable and explosive around here it will be make a terrible fire.So static is a hidden danger for fire,it deserves our attention.However in autumn ,the dry matters is very easy generate static.But do not worry,as long as we have some anti static techniques we can avoid accidents.

1.Increase of the moisturize

Have data to show that when the relative humidity in the air is more than 75%, basically does not produce static electricity, but if the air relative humidity under 40% when, is easy to produce electric spark, at this time we will be in indoor water, sweep the floor, try to increase the relative humidity in the air.

2.Lay the ground in the room

Whether it's a family, a company, or a factory, all the power supply is best grounded.The ground is an insulator, so the power supply to the ground line can bring most of the static electricity into the ground and reduce the static electricity of the power supply itself, thus reducing the damage caused by static electricity.

3.Wear the clothing of anti static

The cotton fabrics have the advantages of good hygroscopicity and strong conductivity, so there will be less static on the fabric.The fabric made of synthetic fiber and synthetic fiber is mostly wet and conductive, so it accumulates more static electricity.But in relative terms, artificial fiber and synthetic fiber fabrics are better than pure cotton fabrics, making clothes more attractive and attractive.

The anti-static fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO., LTD. Is woven into the fabric of carbon fiber or metal fiber with conductive properties, which has permanent anti-static property.This kind of fabric ensures good anti-static performance without affecting the texture and aesthetics of the fabric.And according to the demand of the market, we developed the flame-retardant anti-static fabric with antistatic function at the same time also with good flame retardancy, and the two functions each other, and provides a double security for your safety.

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