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The Environmental Protection is Closely Related to The Survival


The Environmental Protection is Closely Related to The Survival

Because of the early overall situation of China and the development cost of the enterprises, the environmental issues have been in the state of neglecting. But in recent years, with the emergence of the security problem and environmental crisis, each country are paying more attention on the environmental issue. Last year, China has implemented the new environmental laws which can reflect the environmental importance to our entire country. Pay attention to environmental issue or not directly related to the people’s safe survival on the earth.

But in recent years the international economic situation continues to decline, companies in every professions are wondering at the brink of life and death. Among the many factors that determine the development of the company, the strength of productivity has played a decisive role. Between enterprises’ survival and the long-term security survival of earth people, there is no doubt that the latter is more important.

As the textile industry, it is inevitable that in the production and processing sectors will produce waste gas, waste water. In order to save costs, many companies will choose to discharge the exhaust gas into the sky, the wastewater discharged into the river directly, As time passed, the environment deteriorates constantly and the water resources become shortage. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd realized this issue and spends huge sums to build advanced waste water and exhaust gas treatment and circulation system. So the waste water and gas during the production can be disposed in time, and the recyclable resources can be reused. Although the total cost of production increased considerably, but for the long term development of the enterprise and the environmental security of the whole society, this decision was adopted unanimously and now the system has been put into use.

Under the international economic downturn situation, Xinxiang yulong textile co., ltd continued through its own development, To ensure the product quality more perfect during the production, to ensure the better before sale and after sale service system, to ensure the advanced production process during the product development period, and the most important thing is to ensure not to do anything that is harmful to the social environment. Only the earth is healthy, the people can be more healthy and the enterprise can develop more smoothly. Yulong Textile’s corporate vision is to become a world-class green safety protection experts and to contribute to a better life of mankind.