What are Factors will Affect the Flame Resistant Fabrics Price?

1, Factors affecting the greige fabric price: yarn quality; textile technology such as combing, rotor spinning, ring spinning etc.

2, Factors affecting dyeing price: vat dyeing, pad dyeing, indanthrene, active, the intensity of the color, the thickness of fabric etc.

3, Factors affecting flame resistant technology price: disposable fire retardant, washable fire retardant, permanent fire retardant, coated fire retardant etc.

4, Factors affecting labor cost price: the factory’s automatic level of the laboratory.

5, Flame resistant fabrics test charge factor: flame resistant fabric is special goods, different countries and areas has different standard requirements, so the clients always ask the manufacturer to offer relative certificate or test report.

6, Flame resistant fabrics different payment terms and quantity also affect the price.

7, The prices of purchasing finished product and processing trade different.