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Fashion and Safety Flame Retardant Denim Fabric


Flame Retardant Denim Fabric

Jeans is a relatively heavy cotton twill fabrics, is often given indigo, neutral colors such as black, tannin. Due to the fabric texture closely, so the shrinkage of the fabric is smaller and has good abrasion resistance, tear resistance. Have practicality and aesthetics of denim fabric from the date of birth is loved by the people, which makes it has always been the darling of the fashion. And treated with flame retardant,  flame retardant denim fabrics in retain the original jeans also have the effect of the flame retardant properties, can be said to be a fashion and safety are both safe protective fabrics.

After a long period of testing and research, we recommend for you a produced by Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. 270 g flame retardant denim fabrics. The flame retardant denim fabric has good air permeability; Because the 100% combed cotton cloth, making the tear proof jeans wear resistance, flame retardant and ductility are better than ordinary cotton cloth made of denim fabric flame retardant. The flame retardant of denim fabric gram weight is moderate, made of flame retardant jeans with it can be applied to all kinds of environment and climate, good flame retardant performance can be said to be the oil, gas, mining, welding and other industries the best option. In order to meet the needs of more staff in the industry, we also can be in denim fabric on the basis of additional water &oil repellent, UV protection, prevent arc, etc.

If you want to work for your team to choose a fashion, the safety of flame retardant denim fabrics, give attention to two or more things Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD is undoubtedly your best choice.

Flame Retardant Denim Fabric