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Features of arc-proof clothing produced by Yulong Company


  1. 1.Permanent arc protection: The raw material fiber itself has flame-retardant properties, has permanent protection, and will not reduce the protection performance due to repeated washing.
  2. Will not be ignited by heat and continue to burn and melt.
  3. High temperature resistance, deformation and other physical changes will not occur in high temperature.
  4. High tear strength, abrasion resistance, stable size, and not easy to break;
  5. 2.In the event of an arc explosion or flame, the fabric fibers of the garment will expand and thicken, closing the gaps on the cloth surface, creating an energy protection barrier to isolate the human body from heat, and reducing the arc damage to a lower level.
  6. 3.The excellent characteristics of arc-proof clothing and lightness: under the same protection level, the arc-proof clothing is not only lighter and thinner than clothing with protective performance after post-treatment, but also lighter than other imported clothing made of permanent flame retardant materials. Under the condition of the same material weight, the protection level of arc-proof clothing is much higher than that of other similar products.
  7. Breathable and moisture-permeable: The arc-proof fabric contains natural plant fibers and has high-quality breathability and moisture permeability, making it more comfortable to wear. Permanent anti-static: similar products are woven into the fabric such as conductive thread. The conductive thread will be broken due to washing, lost and lose its anti-static function. The anti-arc fabric is directly mixed with conductive fiber, which is permanent anti-static.
  8. Health and environmental protection: In the past, arc-proof clothing usually used fabrics that achieved arc-proof performance through post-treatment of chemical reagents. The free formaldehyde contained in it could easily cause allergies and other symptoms, which is not good for human health. The arc-proof clothing adopts advanced raw materials and does not require any chemical treatment, which guarantees the health of the wearer from the source.
  9. When the product is wet, it needs to be dried as soon as possible. If there are stains, it should be washed as soon as possible to remove the stains and dry to avoid mold or germs. Machine washable or hand washable, please try to use neutral detergent, do not wash with other clothes. The water temperature is 40-48 degrees Celsius, do not use bleach and softener. Avoid prolonged exposure to exposure or fluorescent light when drying to prevent UV damage to the performance of the garment. For serious stains such as oil stains, blood stains, etc., before washing, please apply dry cleaning agent, rub your hands or brush gently and rinse with water. After removing blood stains, please use disinfectant for disinfection.
  10. If the wearer is worn, torn, burned or corroded during use, and the original structure is damaged, please perform professional repair as soon as possible. It is recommended to use the company's raw materials for repair to better maintain its original performance. Never use ordinary noodle accessories to repair by yourself.
  11. This arc-proof clothing must be washed and dried before storage. The storage product should not be put together with corrosive materials, the storage place should be dry and ventilated, and the product should be 200mm away from the wall and the ground. Store the whole box on a pallet to avoid prolonged contact with the ground and moisture. Prevent long-term exposure of ultraviolet rays. When storing for a long time, you should pay attention to regular drying to prevent mildew, insects and bacteria.
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