The Flame Retardant Anti-Static Shirt Made by Yulong Textile is on Sales

At the beginning of June, we received a 5000 flame retardant anti-static shirt order, the order of communication before and after 2 months, and the customer is from one of the Maghreb countries. The local rich oil and gas resources created a large number of mining workers, and these workers is necessary to have good protective performance of flame retardant anti-static clothing, this order is fully compliant with the 180g local needs anti-static flame retardant cotton shirt.

During the 2 months, we have experienced continuous communication with customers, customers inspected our fabric factories and garment factories, produced samples, confirmed products, and negotiated prices at the end. After all negotiation, the customer finally gave us 5000 orders of flame retardant anti-static shirts.

The order of choice is cotton, orange, 180g Proban flame retardant process, single anti-static flame retardant fabric, clothing styles are simple and comfortable. Because of our textile fabrics and clothing is a one-stop production of the manufacturers, so the delivery will be relatively early than other supplier. The quality of the product is also more secure.

The customer made it clear that they were very satisfied with our early service attitude and sample quality. If the quality of our large production meets their requirements, they will established a long-term cooperative relationship with us. We Yulong Textile also appreciate the cooperation with this customer, we believe that our products will exceed customer expectations and become an important partner of this customer!