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Flame Retardant Fabric Knowledge

Nowadays, In the petroleum industry, chemical industry, forestry, fire fighting, metallurgy, steel work, power grid and other workplaces, more protective clothing worn by employees is made of flame-retardant fabrics. In general, affordable flame retardant cloth is made of permanent resistant fabric. The flame retardant fabric is produced by the special processing of all cotton fabric, cotton polyester fabric and cotton nylon fabric by using THPC Chloride as raw material.

Yulong Textile has more than 20 years of production experience on the above flame retardant fabric, and the process is very mature. The initial flame retardant properties of the flame retardant fabric can reach 12 seconds of vertical ignition, leaving the flame, the smoldering time is zero, the continuous burning time is zero, and the carbon length is less than 10 cm. The flame-retardant properties remains unchanged after 50 times wash.

THPC is a kind of flame retardant process for cotton fiber, so the whole cotton fabric can reach the above index after flame-retardant processing, pressure infiltration, ammonia fumigation and washing treatment only once. And cotton polyester fabric and cotton nylon fabric sometimes need to process twice carbon length to reach less than 10 cm.

For these reasons, cotton flame retardant fabrics can be treated only once, so the fabric feels softer. Cotton polyester fabric and cotton nylon flame retardant fabric will feel harder.

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