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Flame Retardant Fabric Performance Standards

Flame retardant fabrics are treated with special technology to effectively prevent the spread of flames. The finished textiles will not burn when they come into contact with fire sources, so that the fabrics can reduce their flammability in flames, slow down the speed of spread, and do not form a large area. After leaving the flame, it can quickly self-extinguish without burning or smoldering, and has good durable washing performance.

At present, the flame-retardant fabrics used in domestic and foreign markets are divided into two types: intrinsic flame-retardant and post-finishing flame-retardant fabrics. Post-finishing flame-retardant fabrics, such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, cotton nylon, etc.; Aramid viscose, etc. The flame retardant fabric produced by Yulong Textile has a good flame retardant effect. It curls and carbonizes in case of fire. Once the fire source leaves, it will be extinguished. It will not melt and drop black smoke, and will not cause secondary fires. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, breathable and breathable, soft to the touch, widely used in military industry, fire protection, smelting, petrochemical power, natural gas, machinery, mining and other industries.

  GB8965-2009 is the new Chinese national flame retardant clothing standard; American standard NFPA 2112 standard for personal protective flame retardant clothing for industrial use; EU standard EN11611:2007 Protective clothing for welding and similar processes, EN11612:2007 Protective clothing for operating workers in high temperature environments. The flame retardant fabric has excellent flame retardant and fire resistance, and washing and friction will not affect the flame retardant performance. Good safety, low smoke release when the fabric encounters fire, no harmful elements, good thermal insulation, providing all-round thermal protection, and the fabric also has the characteristics of comfort and warmth that conventional fibers have.

Flame retardant fabrics have a variety of functions, and the construction composition is also infinitely variable. Many people think of fire retardant fabrics when they hear flame retardant fabrics. Although fire retardant clothing is an application field of functional fabrics, flame retardant fabrics are not only used in fire retardant clothing. Flame retardant fabrics are more and more widely used, used to make outdoor clothing, protective clothing, functional clothing, and are used in some important industries. In addition, while the fabric is flame retardant, it can also add a protective fabric with various functions such as oil resistance and water repellency, acid and alkali resistance, anti-mosquito, anti-static, anti-arc, anti-ultraviolet, etc., and the various functions do not affect each other. Functional fabrics can achieve various protective effects and indicators, and are suitable for all kinds of complicated situations.