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Frequently Asked Questions about Disposable Isolation Protective Coverall

isolation protective coverall

Q: Where is your disposable isolation coverall suitable for?
A: It is used for outpatient service, outdoor duty, guard, express delivery, private transportation, community epidemic prevention, manufacturing and production enterprises, companies and institutions, stations, supermarket staff, taxi drivers, school staff, migrant workers to return to the factory and other ordinary isolation.

Q: Are you a factory? Do you have it in stock?
A: Yes, we are a factory, because there are a lot of orders at present, and there are a few in stock.

Q: Do you provide samples?
A: Yes, we support a sale.

Q: What is the delivery time of your disposable isolation coverall?
A: The quantity is small. We have it in stock for about 5 days. If the quantity is large, about half a month.

Q: Can this one-time disposable isolation coverall be used in hospital?
A: No. The main function of disposable isolation protective clothing is to protect workers and prevent pathogenic microorganisms Spread, avoid cross infection, just isolation.

Q: Do you have a medical device record for your disposable isolation coverall?
A: Yes, there are. Record No.: yxxb20200008. In addition, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level key epidemic prevention and control material production enterprise.

Q: How to wear disposable isolation protective coverall?
A: (1) expand protective clothing
(2) Unzip
(3) Slide the zipper into the leg one by one
(4) Put on your coat
(5) Put your hand out of your sleeve
(6) Wear a hood
(7) Zip from chest
(8) Pull off the release paper on the double-sided adhesive tape and press on the seal from top to bottom.