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High Quality, Strict Requirement

High Quality, Strict Requirement

"Follow the order, pay attention to cleanliness and environmental protection," is the most important features of German, recently our company has hosted such a team with rigorous of German customers.

Xinxiang Yulong textile Co., Ltd. has always pay attention to the product quality, we firmly believe that excellence quality is source of enterprise.To provide high quality product and services within a specified period of time is the core of our company’s development.

So in our production processes not only has the initial material test and final product inspection, in order to control the defective products into the next stage, we will set the corresponding casual inspection according to the characteristics of the process in the production process.

When our customers come to the workshop to see our quality control system, really learned that how to produce every product under the layers quality testing and strict controlling condition. Without hesitation, they placed an order for fire retardant clothing used in the oil and gas industry, and expressed the long-term intensive cooperation before the end of the visit.