The Hot-Sale Fabric of Yulong Textile–Anti-Mosquito Fabrics

The Hot-Sale fabric of Yulong textile-----Anti-mosquito fabrics

With the arrival of summer, the demand for anti-mosquito fabrics is rising, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. The anti-mosquito fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile is a new type protective fabric which was developed based on the customers’ request, it can not only effectively protect mosquitoes, but also has antibacterial deodorant, moisture perspiration function, is the best choice for outdoor clothing. This anti-mosquito fabric after washing more than 70 times still have 90% of the mosquito repellent rate, 100% of mosquito bite rate and 100% inhibition rate. Can really achieve the effect of lasting insecticide and antibacterial, non-toxic no smell, no irritation to the skin, breathable, comfortable and washable.

Our recent anti-mosquito fabric orders mainly from Southeast Asian countries, some of our cooperation for many years old customers, but also recommended by the old customers. It is based on our long-term cooperation in the textile and can get enough trust from the old customers, then can continue cooperation with the old customers of new products and also get some new customer accordingly the recommendation of the old customer.

We will give professional advice to customer based on customer requirements for the use of the environment , we produce all the protective fabrics will be customized according to customer needs to ensure that customers receive the final product is the most in line with their needs protection products. Xinxiang Yulong Textile will keep offering every customer the best quality products and the most professional services.