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How to choose summer flame resistant fabrics


Workwear fabrics can be said to be the soul of making workwear. Because of the protective and comfortable nature of workwear, its main functions must be realized by functional fabrics. The quality of a flame retardant protective clothing depends to a certain extent on the variety and quality of the fabrics used.

The first consideration for summer flame resistant clothing fabrics is protection and safety, and functionality is the first priority. The principle of flame retardant clothing is to use shielding effects such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, and carbonization isolation to protect workers from the harm of open flames. Therefore, the fabrics used for flame retardant work clothes should be selected according to the specific working environment and the requirements of different customers. In addition, different industries add other physical properties on the basis of flame retardant properties, such as flame retardant, oil and water resistant, flame retardant anti-static, flame retardant anti-arc, flame retardant fluorescent, acid and alkali resistant flame retardant fabrics. Fire-retardant clothing made of these fabrics can protect workers and reduce or avoid burns.

Another consideration when choosing fabrics is that they are light, comfortable and breathable. If the breathability is good, it is conducive to heat dissipation. In the hot summer, work clothes are about soft, breathable and cool texture. The choice of custom-made summer flame-retardant clothing fabrics must consider the comfort, coolness and breathability of employees. Good comfort and good breathability and moisture permeability, pay attention to choose fabrics that absorb moisture and sweat easily.

There are also summer flame retardant clothing considering the characteristics of the fabric's good wear resistance, strong durability, stable size, small shrinkage, good elasticity, crisp, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to deform, easy to wash and quick-drying, etc., and pay more attention to the durability of work clothes. It is strong and can be used repeatedly for a long time. The summer flame retardant clothing fabric has the characteristics of bright luster, smooth hand feeling, high strength, tear resistance, strong tensile breaking resistance, and safe and reliable wearing. In addition, according to the characteristics of the industry, position, and work, the fabrics selected according to the needs can be used to create suitable summer flame retardant clothing.