What are The Important Indicators to Buy Flame Protective Fabric?

Flame protective fabric is a fabric that can be automatically extinguished in 2 seconds, even if it is lit.According to the sequence of flame retardant materials,It is divided into two kinds of Pretreatment of flame protective fabrics and post-treatment flame protective fabrics.When buying flame protective fabrics, we must pay attention to its flame retardant properties.

The flame retardant properties of flame protective fabrics are mainly evaluated according to the laboratory test results. It is common to have the following indicators: (1) ignition difficulty;(2) velocity of flame surface propagation;(3) smoke visibility;(4) toxicity and causticity of combustion products. 1.2 of these are the main indicators.

The test method has the basic test method for the determination of the width of the materials, the basic test of the afterburning, the time of the smoldering time, and the method of limit oxygen index and the surface combustion method.According to the relative position of flame and sample, it can be divided into vertical method, horizontal method and tilt method.

The combustion experiment method is mainly used to test the combustion range of the sample (the carbonization area and the damage length), the duration of the reburning and the time of smoldering.1. Vertical method: vertical method can be used to measure flame retardant properties of clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, tent fabrics, etc.2. Horizontal method: horizontal method is applicable to bedding fabrics such as carpets.3, 45 ° method: also called tilting method, this method is applicable to aircraft decorative cloth.