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How to Improve The Flame Retardant Fabric Inquiry of Efficient and Accurate

flame retardant fabric

Flame retardant fabrics finished product inquiry has a lot of grey cloth but exquisite. In order to get accurate effective quotation only provides flame retardant fabric specification is not enough, because it involves dyeing and other finishing. As a flame retardant fabric, looks the same color from the same dye house but cost may vary wildly, why?

This is because the specific requirements of different, dye house use of dyes and process is different also, and these are invisible to the naked eye, can distinguish only after use. Such as color fastness, different requirements, the cost is 1.80 Yuan/m from 3.00 Yuan/m.

To improve the flame retardant fabrics inquiry efficiency and accuracy, the key is to let each other understand exactly what you need specifications and requirements of the fabric, the smaller the range, the more to get the answer you need. For flame retardant fabrics, the most important several parameters are as follows:

1. The flame retardant performance: it is important to note when buying flame retardant fabric flame retardant performance, most of the time is do to make combustion flame retardant test equipment in the laboratory experiment, it can ensure that its flame retardant performance is qualified.

2. Wash times: flame retardant fabric washing times is very important, because it involves the flame retardant performance and the choice of cleaning, if wash times more, can be repeatedly washed, flame retardant performance still exist, but you can wear a bit longer. Now basically is divided into a wash, water and three kinds of the permanent flame retardant fabrics for many times, can choose according to the demand.

3. The flame retardant fabrics strength: the flame retardant fabric strength is very important, this is one of the important indicators, fastness to determine fabrics like and test a rope is the same as the condition of the bear how much force, under the more powerful, the better.

flame retardant fabric