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Introduction of more advanced flame retardant clothing “fireman” flame retardant test methods at home and abroad


Compared with small-scale measurement methods, large-scale test methods such as "fireman" can provide more comprehensive information on the thermal protection and thermal shrinkage of flame-retardant fabrics in flame-retardant clothing, but its test cost is higher and the operation is more complex. Many international institutions and standardization organizations have begun to develop thermal protection clothing test devices and formulated corresponding standards. "Fireman" is a human body simulating firefighters or high-temperature workers equipped with several temperature measurement sensors. The temperature value measured by each temperature measurement sensor represents the surface temperature of a certain part of human skin. It adopts "fireman" technology and is equipped to simulate high-temperature radiation environment or fire site conditions, combined with computer data acquisition, processing and image display technology, The overall thermal protection performance of staff protective clothing is evaluated and studied, which can not only meet the specific use situation of thermal protective clothing, but also display the burn distribution image of staff quickly, intuitively, qualitatively and quantitatively.

Foreign flame retardant clothing "fire man" test methods. There are mainly pyroman fireman of North Carolina State University in the United States and selfie fireman of Albert University in Canada. There are 122 sensors installed on the surface of pyroman and 8 burners installed around it. There are 110 heat flow sensors installed on the surface of fireman developed by Albert University and 6 burners installed around it. Propane gas is used in all experiments. After the burner is ignited, the flame generated by propane gas can completely engulf the family. The computer controls the experimental process, obtains data and gives a burn report. In addition, Britain, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan and other countries have also developed combustion test devices.

"Fire man" test method for thermal protection performance of domestic flame retardant clothing. "Donghua fireman" meets the Standards ASTM f1930-2000 test method for evaluating the flame retardant performance of clothing under explosive conditions with dummies and iso13560-2008 test method for complete clothing of thermal insulation and fire protection clothing: predicting combustion with combustion family members. It also has the following unique features and leading technologies: "Donghua fireman" is wrong in simulating the body characteristics of Chinese standard men, The joint part simulates the corresponding part of the human body, which can simulate the operation activities such as standing, sitting, running and crawling, so as to facilitate the study of the effect of human operation action on the thermal protection performance of clothing. In addition to the chattering on the torso of the dummy body, 135 high temperature sensors are evenly set on the surfaces of hands, feet, heads and other body parts to test the thermal protection performance of thermal protection equipment such as clothing primary breathing devices, helmets, gloves and protective boots separately or in combination. Under the condition of simulated fire, the dummy can be automatically controlled at different speeds to carry out dynamic simulation experiments to study the influence of movement on human burn protection.