How to Judge Whether The Quality of Cotton Flame Retardant Fabrics Pass?

cotton flame retardant fabric

Customers who understand flame retardant fabrics know that cotton flame retardant fabric is a functional fabric with complex production process. It is necessary to test the performance of flame retardant cotton fabric. Then how to determine the quality of cotton flame retardant fabrics pass the standard?

Test flame retardant cotton fabric, not only to detect flame-retardant properties of flame retardant fabric, but also to test the breaking strength and tearing strength, as well as the PH value of the fabric and formaldehyde content.

The flame retardant effect of flame retardant fabric is basically ignited flame retardant fabric burning for a period of time, when the fabric away from the flame, to assess the degree of combustion difficulty and flame propagation speed. After comprehensive examination data, we can judge whether the product quality of flame retardant cloth can pass.

Years of development have been made in the flame retardant fabric industry in the Yulong Textile, has 15 years of experience in production and development of flame retardant fabric. In the flame retardant fabric industry, the quality of the product is the guarantee of survival. Only by strictly controlling every procedure and every detail in the process of production can the product quality of flame retardant fabric be guaranteed.

Yulong textile fabric factory in various dyeing and fire-retardant links are strict monitoring, have not qualified or not qualified quality products so that resolutely destroyed, made responsible for the customer, the quality of cloth should be responsible for the user. There are special testing instruments for multi-level testing, allowing customers and users to use healthy, environmental protection and high-quality flame retardant fabrics.