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Do You Know the FR Finishing of After-Treatment FR Fabric?

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Three methods of FR finishing about the fr fabric:

1) exhaust combustion method: fire retardant and cellulosic fibers integrated with ionic bond or covalently bond, which makes it not dissolved in the durability to get the durable flame retardant function.
2) liquid method: add the flame retardant to the spinning solution directly.
3) copolymerization method: add the flame retardant to the polymer chain segments, which can makes the fabric washable, resistance to bleaching , perspiration resistance, not absorbed by skin.

The after-treatment FR fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd mainly use organic phosphorus flame retardant to do the fire retardant treatment.

1, THPC (Tetrakisphosphonium chloride)
1) white color, can be solubled in the crystalline compounds of water and lower alcohol.
2) aqueous solution of THPC is acidic
3) react with amines, amides, carboxylic acid,alcohols,
4) similar reaction with fiber

Finishing technology: immerse finising liquid → drying(80-90℃)baking, washing, drying

2, The composition of Pyrovatex CP liquid: fire retardant, buffer agent, stabilizer, catalyst, softening agent, fixer and so on.

Padding(CP) →padding(TMM) →dry(85℃) →baking(160℃) →alkali wash

3, Cotton/poly blended fr fabric’s FR finishing technology: Polyester component with three (2, 3 two bromine propyl) phosphonic acid ester (TDBPP), cotton component with THPC, these two finishing agent can be finished with bath pad , the requirement is that two finishing agent is consistency, can fixed under the same conditions.

Technological process: padding →dry →thermosol(180~200℃) →soaping(70~80℃)→washing→dry

fr fabric