How to Make Quality Inspection to Ensure The Flame Retardant Fabrics Quality?

flame retardant fabrics

In the flame retardant fabrics industry, customer the most attention is the fabric quality problem. How to ensure quality in the production of flame retardant fabrics inspection is the enterprise long-term development.

First of all, the enterprise to ensure that the flame retardant fabrics has specialized production equipment, so as to ensure the quality of their products to control, to ensure that after the fabric production process to keep up with. Our flame retardant fabrics is finished goods inspection before they go out. In addition, plant self-checking for laboratory testing, we have own Yulong Textile and Europe and the United States synchronized detection equipment, to ensure the quality of each batch of goods production.

Second, Yulong Textile has its own research and development team, for customers of high standard, multi-function products has a strong research and development capabilities, to meet the higher requirements of our clients.

All in all, each batch of goods except plant self-checking, but also for laboratory testing. With Europe and the United States synchronized detection equipment, to ensure the accuracy of the detection. Excellent research and development team will promote technology development and product innovation process. Skilled testers will go through UL testing institutions training and professional training for testing. With these elements, flame retardant fabrics industry quality supervision, inspection and after-sale protection will be able to get more customers recognition.