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Make Sure You’re Safe When You Watch a Total Solar Eclipse


Make Sure You're Safe When You Watch a Total Solar Eclipse

The world's only total solar eclipse was staged in the United States on August 21.According to reports, the super total solar eclipse in the eastern United States time 12:05 Since the west coast of the United States of Ohio, in the afternoon 4:00 when the whole at the end of the south Carolina, eclipse of the sun slanting across all the 14 states in the United States, on the surface of the earth formed 113 km wide "totality band", it is covering the most popular in the United States, the most easily seen a total solar eclipse since 1970.

According to reliable statistics, about 87 million people in the United States have to stop work on the 21st day because of the eclipse.Because the total solar eclipse, from "both fresh" to the "light" during most of the sun's rays will be obscured, brief darkness would make the line of sight of people suddenly blocked, makes the personnel engaged in the work of outdoor operation risk.However, in this dark and complex environment, wearing protective clothing with fluorescent function can greatly improve the safety factor of staff.

The so-called fluorescent fabrics is meant in the dim and complex environment, even if the light can also be the only faint light reflection to go out, make the distance people can see as soon as possible, thus lengthening people cope with emergency in time, to ensure the safety of the staff.Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD has been engaged in the development and production of multi-functional safety fabrics and protective clothing such as flame retardant, fluorescence and anti-arc arc since 2002.After years of experience accumulation, we have developed the anti-static glow waterproof fabrics, cotton fabrics, fluorescent uv protection fabric such as safety protection with fluorescent functional fabrics, and after we improved fluorescent protective clothing and was deeply loved by customers in Europe and America, has become a high reorder star product.

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