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Manufacturer’s hot selling anti-static fire retardant fabric


With the domestic attention to the health and safety of personnel in special industries, clothing made of anti-static and fire retardant fabric is a kind of protective clothing that must be worn in flammable and explosive places, especially for workers in the petroleum industry. Fire retardant fabric are essential.

The anti-static fire retardant fabric is treated with excellent flame retardant technology, so that the fabric not only has the characteristics of unique wear resistance, stiffness, comfort, etc., but also has a durable fire retardant function. Anti-static fabrics can protect against deflagration caused by electric sparks, and fire retardant treated fabrics have certain protection against deflagration.

Anti-static fire retardant fabric has excellent flame retardant performance, non-toxic and odorless combustion, breathable and moisture-permeable, soft to the touch, washing resistance, and low formaldehyde content. Its flame retardant performance is that it will go out when it leaves the flame and will not continue to burn. Washable times up to 50-100 times, durable.

Anti-static fire retardant fabric can prevent the accumulation of static electricity in clothes, eliminate the harm to the human body, and prevent the dangerous phenomenon caused by static electricity. This product is not easy to get dust. High-performance conductive fibers are blended, interwoven, and inlaid with various textile fibers. Anti-static and fire retardant fabrics are easy to care for, not easy to wear, and have good flatness after machine washing. No ironing is required. The fabric has excellent durability and strong use long life.

We can carry out multi-functional sorting according to the different needs of customers, and have multiple functions without affecting each other, all of which can achieve the protection effect and indicators of these functions, and be used in various complex environments. The fire retardant fabrics produced by Yulong Textile are of superior quality and diverse varieties. It has developed into an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and import and export of protective fabrics and clothing. It has advanced clothing production equipment and large-scale production capacity.

We are a professional manufacturer of special functional protective fabrics in China. We have professional inspectors to control and inspect the production process to ensure the quality of the products. The company is mainly committed to the research and development and production of special protective fabrics to provide safe labor protection for operators under special environmental conditions. The company's main products are flame retardant, anti-acid and alkali, anti-static, anti oil and water repellent, anti ultraviolet, waterproof and moisture permeable and multi functional fabrics.