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Meticulous Service Wins Customer’s Favor

Meticulous Service Wins Customers Favor

Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate , therefore hot and rainy throughout the year.

This country is located near the equator , and therefore affected by direct sunlight , high temperatures and UV exceptionally strong. Due to the impact of the monsoon sea , so there is more rain in the afternoon so that the temperature dropped, the evening will be chilly even. There is a saying to describe the local climate which is very appropriate in Malaysia: Four seasons are all summer, but become into autumn after rain.

We received a customer’s consultant from Malaysia recently, he needed to order some workwear that suitable for the oil and gas industry. However, due to lack of knowledge about the relevant product, he did not know what to do. Our staff communicated with customer effectively at the first time. And we offer a number of sets of options combining with the local climate and the characteristics of the temperature difference between day and night. With the deepening of contacts with customers, we understand customer’s requirement better, we help him to customize the most suitable flame retardant and UV full cotton fabric for use in the local place.

The UPF ultraviolet-ray shielding factor of Xinxiang Yulong Textile’s flame retardant and UV full cotton fabric is greater than 50.And this fabric can protect people from UV well. The fabric that finished by pyrovatex CP can quickly and effectively stop the fire spreading while maintaining the original characteristics of the fabric .The minimum content of formaldehyde of the fabric can be 50PPM through our technical improvements. This fabric’s indicators have reached the standards required by the EU by our strict control.

Good product and meticulous service help our customer and win us customer’s favor at the same time.