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New bomber jacket for winter


The bomber jacket, a popular item in winter, was originally designed for pilots as the name suggests, and was later favored by some trendy people. The predecessor of the bomber jacket evolved from the heavy-duty bomber leather jacket used by the U.S. Air Force to protect against wind and warmth during World War I. It was designed for the daily training of the U.S. military at that time to deal with the cold, non-enclosed cockpit. The earliest bomber jackets were all made of leather. After World War II, they gradually changed into lightweight jackets. The material was improved to breathable nylon, which later evolved into the current fashionable casual jackets.

Wearing warm and fashionable in winter, the bomber jacket is full of fashion sense. In addition to adding warmth, it is also very comfortable to wear. The fabric makes the overall clothing very light and comfortable. The fabric is made of nylon fabric for flying and aviation, with a matte texture and a slight luster, which is more quality. In our daily wear, windproof and waterproof are more warm! The fabric itself has good abrasion resistance and is durable. The bomber jacket fabric is water-repellent, oil-proof and wind-proof. On the whole, the cold and waterproof performance of this bomber jacket is better, which brings stronger protection to the clothing.

For cold and warmth, the inside of the bomber jacket is filled with cotton, which is both light and thin, and locks the temperature to avoid bloatedness! The inside is highly visible orange. When you are in danger during outdoor sports, you can turn the jacket on to get an emergency life jacket, and rescuers can easily find the person in distress. The knitted collar of the bomber jackets can be close to the neck to prevent air leakage and keep warm; the hem of the jacket is just at the waistband and will not shrink into a pile to sit under the buttocks. The knitting is closed and reinforced with elastic fibers, so the elasticity is more durable and prevents Cold wind is poured in; in addition, double-layer threaded fabrics are used at the cuffs of the bomber jackets, and knitted weaves of different densities have a better wind-proof and warm-keeping effect. The three-dimensional arm pocket design of the bomber jackets can hold some small things such as pens for easy carrying. The jacket’s diagonally inserted flap pockets are ergonomic, protect the warmth of the hands, and prevent things from falling. There are large pockets hidden inside the sides for valuables. The accessories of the bomber jacket garments are also meticulously crafted, and the sewing thread is of high quality; the zipper stretches smoothly, strong and durable, and of excellent quality.

Because the bomber jacket itself has a swelling effect, it is a little bulging, so wearing it can better modify the body shape, and because of the tough effect of the bomber jackets, this inherent advantage makes the bomber jacket match all kinds of skirts and pants. No pressure. Wearing a bomber jacket will give you an instant shape, and at the same time, it will allow you to stand out from the beings wearing down bomber jacket, highlighting different styles and enhancing your charm.

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