• Application of flame retardant clothes in petroleum industry


    At present, the most commonly used work clothes in dome […]

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  • Why wear flame-retardant overalls?


    Yulong textile flame retardant work clothes are general […]

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  • Difference Between Isolation Clothing And Medical Protective Clothing


    In order to respond to the national call, our company f […]

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  • Composition and characteristics of inherent flame-retardant work clothes


    Composition and characteristics of inherent flame-retardant work clothes

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  • Workers must keep cold and flame retardant protective clothing


    This week, most areas in China ushered in colder weather, and we often see that sanitation workers on the road always stick to their jobs regardless of whether the weather is cold or not, and these are represented by sanitation workers. What’s more needed by outdoor workers is to do a good job in protection against cold and warmth. A good-quality cold and flame-retardant protective clothing can bring warmth to these outdoor workers.

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  • What are the daily clothing of firefighters?


    Firefighters are one of the most dangerous occupations […]

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  • Research and development of new fire fighting clothing


    With the increasing severity and complexity of the current fire situation, as firefighters active on the front line of fire fighting, they are threatened by high temperatures such as flames, thermal radiation, and thermal convection at any time. Firefighters burn or sacrifice time from time to time. According to statistics, from 2005 to 2013, 75 firefighters were sacrificed and 144 were injured in fire fighting and rescue operations. Among them, burns accounted for 6% and burns accounted for 20%. A researcher surveyed 1171 firefighters in 25 provinces across the country and found that 21% of firefighters were burned during fire fighting. In order to meet the thermal protection performance requirements of fire sites and protect firefighters from high temperature, the active fire-fighting protective clothing (hereinafter referred to as fire-fighting clothing) that uses aramid fiber as the thermal insulation layer has the problem of being too heavy.

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  • Reusable washable protective clothing


    It is necessary to wear protective clothing to protect ourselves when going out and daily work. However, disposable protective clothing is expensive and cannot be reused. In response to this situation, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. specially produces washable, reusable and washable anti-static protective clothing. It has the following characteristics:

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  • Excellent characteristics of arc protection clothing


    Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has a very comprehensive range of safety protection products. Years of experience in the production of arc-proof protective clothing and high-quality arc-proof tooling have allowed us to gain the trust of more customers. First choose Yulong to choose safety for you The job provides more protection.

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  • Safety protective school uniforms


    The “Safety” series of school uniforms pay attention to the protection, practicability and aesthetic functions of primary and secondary school students. In the details, the reflection of safety warnings is used as the main design element to improve the visibility and safety of the wearer. For example, add reflective belts on the sleeves and pants to improve safety at night. Functional fabrics can also choose protective fabrics such as waterproof and windproof.

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  • Cleaning and maintenance of ski clothing


    Ski suits can be added with a neutral detergent and soaked in 30 degrees warm water, then lightly brush the dirty area with a soft brush, put in a drum washing machine, washed at low speed and then rinsed with warm water three or four times, drain the water gently, and dry in a ventilated place

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  • In and out Yulong Textile makes efforts to Zhengzhou Fair


    Yulong Textile has accumulated a wealth of international trade customers. In recent years, overseas e-commerce sites have been doing well, and they have rich experience in R&D and design capabilities of protective clothing, production response speed and supply chain flexibility.

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