• Do You Choose The Right Anti-Static Workwear?


             Anti-static workwear is suitable for petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, refining and other industries, which is the special workwear that can prevent accumulation of electrostatic. There are many specific requirements in many industries, especially for the workwear. During the working, in order to prevent accumulation of electrostatic on the clothing, workers are required to wear anti-static workwear, so the safety problems will not be caused. Not only in petroleum industry, but also in the fields such as electronics, chemical engineering, printing, electronic maintenance etc., workers need the protection of anti-static workwear. So, how to choose the anti-static workwear? We will introduce it for you from the following two points.

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  • Alibaba filmed the flame retardant clothing factory of our company this week


    This week, Alibaba International Station staff visited […]

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  • Please do not ignore UV hazard when you playing mahjong in the water

    Anti-fouling Fabric in Our Lives


    Anti-fouling fabric refers to the fabric surface is easy to clean even wipe off slightly when it has been stained. Anti-fouling fabric produced by Yulong Textile is treated by soil release finishing, which can protect from stains and clean easily, that is to say, anti-fouling fabric isn’t easy to be contaminated. Even if it is, it will be simply decontaminated in the regular conditions. The materials of anti-fouling fabric made by Yulong include 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/nylon and other customized composition. Accordingly, the flame retardant fabric can be made flame retardant anti-fouling fabric after soil release finishing.

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  • Production technical secret of FR fabric


    The importance of flame retardant fabrics in today’s industrial world is self-evident. However, only by gaining an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process of flame-retardant fabrics, companies can make the choice of the most suitable overalls fabrics for employees. Each industry has its own standard of care for the choice of fabrics. The factors such as fabric strength, breath ability and flexibility are not the only criteria. For high-risk industries, it is more than that. It must be able to cope with the challenges of various working environments. The functional requirements of fabrics must meet the needs of special environments such as heat resistance, fire resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. Since these functions must be incorporated into the fabric, the fabrics of different properties will be different in the manufacturing process. What is the manufacturing process for the flame retardant fabric? Here is a brief introduction to the process for everyone.

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  • How to ensure the cotton flame retardant fabric finish


    Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd , as a manufacturer of cotton flame retardant fabric ,produces flame retardant fabric with the special funcitons of not easy to ignite and self –extingushing from fire .

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  • How to Control Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric Color Difference Caused by THPC Treatment


    Because of the long and complicated production process, cotton flame retardant fabric color would be changed easily in the production, which will greatly influence the final quality.

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  • How to Choose the High Quality Fireproof Clothing


    How to choose the high quality fireproof clothing? It is different with buying the daily clothes. In our life, we are always likely to choose brand when we buy clothing.

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  • New Century of Flame Retardant Fabric


    they are all flammable and potentially hazardous materials. The development of Flame retardant fabric has also arisen

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  • How to Control the Color Difference of Flame Resistant Fabric in the Production


    For the flame resistant textile industry, the color dif […]

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  • How to ensure the smoothness of cotton flame resistant fabric


    As the manufacture of cotton flame resistant fabric, the flame resistant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is difficult to ignite and may self-extinguish, and its smoothness is improved comprehensively.

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  • Is Yulong Textile a good supplier among the flame retardant fabric manufacturers


    Flame retardant fabric is a kind of emerging safety protection product. With the development of production technology of flame retardant fabric, various countries formulate corresponding laws and regulations, flame retardant standards and test methods.

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  • How to improve the daylight color fastness of flame retardant fabric


    Flame retardant fabric mainly used for protective clothing and interior decoration or furniture fabrics in special industries.

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