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  • fr workwear test

    Yulong Textile to Teach you How to Choose a Good FR Workwear


    Fr workwear is engaged in petroleum, chemical, electrical, smelting, often in a staff of flammable and combustible environment one of the commonly used protective device.

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  • flame retardant fabric

    Focus on Flame Retardant Fabric Production, Yulong Textile Professional


    Xinxiang Yulong textile is a professional manufacturer of flame retardant fabrics. The flame retardant fabrics mainly include cotton flame retardant fabric, C/N cotton brocade flame retardant fabric, CVC flame retardant fabric, aramid flame retardant fabric, acrylic fiber flame retardant fabric and so on. This fabric can also increase the effect of fluorescence, antistatic and waterproofing on the basis of flame retardance.

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  • Anti-Mosquito Fabric Open a New Sales Journey


    The antibacterial and anti-mosquito fabric of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. can inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Aspergillus niger, which can effectively reduce the odor production, and the anti mosquito bites can be effectively reduced by the anti-mosquito fabric produced by the advanced nano technology in Henan Province

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  • High Quality Fire Retardant Fabric in Yulong Textile


    How much do you know about the fire retardant fabric? And how much do you know about high quality flame retardant fabric from Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd.?

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  • anti static fabrics

    The Hazard of Static Electricity Should not be Ignored


    Yulong textile production of anti-static fabric used in gas station, such as the oil and gas industry have electrostatic hazards in the workplace, this type of fabric is woven into the fabric of it’s warp and welf yarn with the conductive carbon fiber.

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  • Aramid IIIA Flame Retardant Fabrics

    Aramid IIIA Flame Retardant Fabrics — Things You Don’t Know About


    Fire retardant fabric can be divided into three categories according to the fire retardant effect: disposable fire retardant fabric/durable fire retardant fabric/raw material type fire retardant fabric.

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  • Flame Retardant Denim Fabric

    Fashion and Safety Flame Retardant Denim Fabric


    If you want to work for your team to choose a fashion, the safety of flame retardant denim fabrics, give attention to two or more things Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD is undoubtedly your best choice.

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  • Weatherproof Flame Retardant Workwear

    Weatherproof Flame Retardant Workwear is Necessary for Workers to Keep Warm


    Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., LTD. is a company specializing in the production of protective clothing, for the workers of operation in cold weather made the weatherproof flame retardant workwear, this kind of weatherproof flame retardant workwear,thicken with cotton, weatherproof and warm, made of cotton fire retardant fabric

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  • durable flame retardant fabric

    Why Durable Flame Retardant Fabric will Become The Main Products in The Flame Retardant Market


    The people who have certain understanding on the fire proof fabric should know that flame retardant fabrics were divided into three categories according to the flame retardant properties: disposable flame retardant fabrics, durable flame retardant fabrics and permanent flame retardant fabrics. Since there are so many types, why do we often hear the flame retardant fabrics are mostly durable flame retardant fabric it, I think through the three kinds of flame-retardant fabrics for a simple understanding, the doubt will be solved.

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  • Flame Retardant Fabric warehouse

    Flame Retardant Fabric- The expert of Safety Protection


    Xinxiang Yulong Textile mainly produce the flame retardant fabric and protective fabric, it has one protective fabric factory and one protective clothing factory. As the leaders of flame retardant fabric In the protective fabric industry, Xinxiang Yulong Textile focus on the protective fabric and work clothing and provide the one-stop service.

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  • Season of Fire, Safety Awareness is Essential


    Winter is very dry and prone to fire, so be very careful with fire. Recently, there was a fire caused by improper use of fire – on November 21 in a shanty town in Cape Town, South Africa, the fire was caused by residents of shantytown cooking. Due to the densely populated and strong north-west wind in the area, fire in the shelters of Masm Meirleh is extremely vulnerable.

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  • Are you ready for winter

    Are You Ready for Winter?


    In China, After eating the dumpling in the day of the winter solstice represent the official entry into winter. The weather is getting cold, many areas in our country have also ushered in the first snow in winter.

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