Performance and Characteristics of Modacrylic Cotton Flame Retardant Knitted Fabric

Modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric is a kind of knitted fabric, which is woven on knitting machine with the yarn blended and with flame retardant modacrylic chloride staple fiber + combed cotton. It is made of raw materials with flame retardant properties, no need for finishing and flame retardant chemical agent.

This flame retardant fabric has many advantages:

The fabric itself does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and is measured up to EU EAC certification. It can be widely used in close-fitting clothing, workware, bed sheets, curtains, etc., and is more environmentally friendly.

It has natural soft feel and good breathability, it is more elastic than cotton flame retardant fabric, and more woolly curly and fluffy.

The good flame retardant performance of this fabric has a limit oxygen index of 30-34, and has permanent flame retardant properties. The modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric makes the fabric washable, and the flame retardant performance is not affected after 50 times washing. It can be up to the flame retardant requirements of various countries, and is more practical.

When modacrylic and cotton were mixed, the water absorption and wearing comfort of the fabric are improved.

Modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Company has 180-250 gsm jersey, 200-400 gsm rib, 200-300 gsm cotton fabric, 240-400 gsm fleece fabric, etc. It can be used for summer wear. It can also be used for spring, autumn and winter coveralls, padded coat and other garments. To provide you a safe, caring service.

modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric