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Season of Fire, Safety Awareness is Essential


Winter is very dry and prone to fire, so be very careful with fire. Recently, there was a fire caused by improper use of fire - on November 21 in a shanty town in Cape Town, South Africa, the fire was caused by residents of shantytown cooking. Due to the densely populated and strong north-west wind in the area, fire in the shelters of Masm Meirleh is extremely vulnerable. The fire has caused a great disturbance to our life and to a certain extent affected the development of society and economy and the normal life of people.

Speaking of flame retardant fabrics, many of my friends may not quite understand that only a special occupation will need flame retardant fabrics, in fact, life can not do without fire retardant fabric everywhere. Flame retardant fabric refers to the use of a special process with a flame retardant effect of textile fabrics. Its own fire in case of non-flammable, self-extinguishing, does not produce toxic gas and so on. Currently the rapid development of flame retardant fabrics, with people's safety awareness continues to improve, life can be seen everywhere in the flame retardant fabric.

Xinxiang YuLong Textile Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of flame-retardant, fluorescent-led variety of security fabrics and protective clothing manufacturers. Our main products are flame retardant fabrics, anti-arc fabrics, fluorescent fabrics, anti-static fabrics and other functional fabrics, Yulong Textile is committed to developing more environmentally friendly, healthier, more comfortable and more comprehensive functional composite fabrics, We always give top priority to product innovation, innovation in technology, and constantly improve product quality, and strive to create a world-class functional fabric production and processing export enterprises.