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Split Arc Protection Clothing is Safer and More Reliable

split arc protection clothing

The split arc protection clothing is made of metal fiber and tussah silk and blended with Monel wire. The product has excellent electrical properties and flame retardant properties. The traditional style has been improved on the clothing style to make it more Practical, beautiful, comfortable, safe and reliable. The split arc protection clothing is tested by the National Electric Power Research Institute, and all indicators are better than the indicators specified in the GB6568.1-2000 standard.

The split arc protection clothing has the functions of flame retardant, heat insulation and antistatic, and will not cause failure or deterioration due to washing. When the split arc protection clothing is exposed to arc flame or heat, the internal high-strength and low-stretch bullet-proof fiber will automatically expand rapidly, which will make the fabric thicker and higher in density, forming a protective barrier for the human body.

split arc protection clothing
Has the following performance and features:

Burns caused by arc explosions are one of the most serious injuries.

The arc temperature can reach 35,000 °F in Fahrenheit equal to 20,000 °C, which is four times hotter than the surface of the Sun.

Its deadly incineration produces a distance of more than 10 feet (3 meters). A low degree of arc is equivalent to the energy of a firecracker explosion. The medium degree is equivalent to 1 knot of energy, and the high degree is equivalent to 1 energy. Up to 80% of all electrical injuries are caused by incineration and ignition of flammable clothing. More than 2,000 people in the United States are identified as severe electrical burns each year.

Arc-proof energy rating: 5.3 cal/cm2.

Cal/cm2 (calories per square centimeter) is the total energy in a unit area, which is the unit of the magnitude of the arc. The exposure energy of 1 cal/cm2 is equivalent to a lit cigarette butt on the fingertip for 1 second. As long as 1-2cal/cm2, it will cause 2 skin burns on human skin.

DuPont ProteraTM fabric is designed in a single layer, lightweight, breathable, comfortable to wear and durable

The arc protection performance of the split arc protection clothing will not be invalid or deteriorated due to washing.

Meets US NFPA70E and NESC standards and meets ASTM F1959-04(a) and GB8965-1998 standards

Special flame retardant reflective tape can be added to increase visibility in power outages or dark environments