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  • Production technical secret of FR fabric

    The importance of flame retardant fabrics in today’s industrial world is self-evident. However, only by gaining an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process of flame-retardant fabrics, companies can make the choice of the most suitable overalls fabrics for employees. Each industry has its own standard of care for the choice of fabrics. The factors such as fabric strength, breath ability and flexibility are not the only criteria. For high-risk industries, it is more than that. It must be able to cope with the challenges of various working environments. The functional requirements of fabrics must meet the needs of special environments such as heat resistance, fire resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. Since these functions must be incorporated into the fabric, the fabrics of different properties will be different in the manufacturing process. What is the manufacturing process for the flame retardant fabric? Here is a brief introduction to the process for everyone.

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