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  • Production technical secret of FR fabric

    The importance of flame retardant fabrics in today’s industrial world is self-evident. However, only by gaining an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process of flame-retardant fabrics, companies can make the choice of the most suitable overalls fabrics for employees. Each industry has its own standard of care for the choice of fabrics. The factors such as fabric strength, breath ability and flexibility are not the only criteria. For high-risk industries, it is more than that. It must be able to cope with the challenges of various working environments. The functional requirements of fabrics must meet the needs of special environments such as heat resistance, fire resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. Since these functions must be incorporated into the fabric, the fabrics of different properties will be different in the manufacturing process. What is the manufacturing process for the flame retardant fabric? Here is a brief introduction to the process for everyone.

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  • fr fabric

    Do You Know the FR Finishing of After-Treatment FR Fabric?

    Three methods of FR finishing about the fr fabric:
    1) exhaust combustion method: fire retardant and cellulosic fibers integrated with ionic bond or covalently bond, which makes it not dissolved in the durability to get the durable flame retardant function.

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  • flame retardant fabric factory

    How to Improve The Effective and Accuracy Rate for the Flame Retardant Fabric Inquiry?

    The inquiry about finished flame retardant fabric is more complex than greige inquiry. Flame retardant fabric specification is not enough to get accurate and effective price, because it refers to the dyeing and the after treatment. As for the same one fire retardant fabric, same color and same dyeing factory, but the cost different, why?

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  • FR fabric

    How to Inquire The FR Fabric?

    Flame retardant is one feature of this kind of functional fabric. Flame retardant fabric is not a fabric which can not burn while it means that when the fabric burning it will extinguish within a limited time so that protect our body from burning.

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  • protective fabric from Yulong Textile

    Yulong Helps You in Choosing Suitable Protective Fabric

    Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd has more than 10 years experience in the protective fabric, and Yulong knows functional fabrics industry very much.Different functions of protective fabrics have different use condition,and the using environment is also different according to different specifications of the fabric.

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  • cotton nylon FR fabric

    The First Order in 2017

    The first working day of 2017 after the new year’s holiday, we received a large sum of deposit. Continuing the good luck in 2016, it is a very good start of 2017.

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