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Is The World Really an Eventful Year?


Is The World Really an Eventful Year

In the past half of September, there have been 26 major disasters in the world this year according to incomplete statistics.Serious disasters lead to the huge economic loss, according to the data from Dallas fed of federal reserve, the only hurricane Harvey caused the Houston Texas metropolitan area economic losses of up to $556 billion, more than the Swedish national GDP last year.Of the 26 major disasters, however, 15 are fire disasters.

We all know that items in the combustion will release a large amount of smoke, smoke will cause the loss of visibility, reduce the content of oxygen in the air, smoke in a large amount of impurities in our respiratory tract can cause pathological changes;Therefore, most of the casualties in the fire were caused by the excessive inhalation of toxic gases.So how to reduce the smoke density of flame retardant fabric is always the research subject of our Xinxiang Yulong textile Co., LTD.Through unremitting efforts, we developed a new type of environmentally friendly flame retardant fabrics, the fabrics of the release of harmful gases in the fire is the third part of the non-flame retardant fabric, which provides a favorable escape conditions for the people.We are to ensure that the fabric flame retardant character and environmental protection,meanwhile,also optimized the texture of fabric, make it feel soft and comfortable, colour and lustre is gorgeous, non-toxic tasteless, etc,it will not cause any harm to the user's body, so it is loved by consumers from all over the world.