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Xinxiang Yulong Textile, Bring You to Play the Hallowmas


Xinxiang Yulong Textile, Bring You to Play the Hallowmas

On the eve of Halloween, it is the time to sacrifice the spirits of the dead. While avoiding the interference of evil spirits, people will use food to worship the ancestors and the friendly spirits to survive the cold winter.

Halloween is said to be one of the most likely to occur paranormal event moment. In this night the dead will return to the world in different forms, and find the time to be reborn in the living. So on this day people will dress up as ghosts to frighten away evil spirits and prevent them from getting souls.

But how dare you ensure that "he" is alive or evil on Halloween? Today Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. LTtd will provide you the "Halloween survival strategy", bring you to play the Hallowmas.

There are four kinds of evil spirits that can be dangerous to us at Halloween parties.

1, The devil's fire of pumpkin king

The evil flame burns our skin through our clothing, if infect germs unfortunately, will let you lose life. However, the FR fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO. Ltd can help you resist the harm, the flame retardant fabric has the properties of fire retardant, self-extinguish, no burning smell and no drop, after years of research, the formaldehyde content of this fabrics is less than 75 PPM, security and environmental protection. Flame retardant fabric will provide you with a more secure protection against fire when flames strike.

2, The dark ghosts from hell

The research shows that ghosts may be a tiny current in the atmosphere, to some extent, it is equivalent to static electricity on us, so that they can sense the presence of living people through static electricity.With the anti-static fabric of Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO. Ltd., you can insulate yourself from the static electricity, make you become a unique insulator, disappear immediately in front of ghosts.

3, The secret potion of the Wicked

In order to find her puppet, the Wicked will bring her secret potion to the crowd on that day. The anti-chemical liquid fabrics of Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO. Ltd can easily prevent you from the damage. The surface of this fabric has a layer of nano film, not affect the color and the fabric touch completely. When the potion is in contact with the garment, there is no need to worry the liquid will hurt us through the fabric, because all the liquid s will fall down to the surface by gravity.

4, The bite of zombie and vampire

The rip stop fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO. Ltd has rip stop fiber on weft and warp directions, and the fiber density can be customized according to your request. It's hard to tear up your coat no matter how violent bite.

Are you interested in these products? Action speaks louder than words, come to Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd, and order now.