Xinxiang Yulong Textile Held a Labor Competition in Workshop


Recently, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has carried out a labor competition called "improving the quality of optimization" in the fabric production workshop. The competition to the class as a unit, from the staff with the degree of work to complete the rate and the work of the three major aspects of the evaluation, the 15th and 30th each month out of the game results. The first half of this month, a class 2 # tie-dye machine operator and technical staff to use their perfect match to conquer us, in their active cooperation with the successful completion of the product repair task, to ensure that the next step The normal conduct.

In our production line you can see a lot of so hard to work with the lovely people, we have their own rules and guidelines. We are committed to the time provided for you to provide better products and services; we abide by the shortest possible time, the correct and effective work to complete the task; we firmly believe that continuous improvement of self, we can promote common progress.

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