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Yulong company new certificate of the OEKO_TEX100


flame retardant workwear factory

  On 13th,Jan ,Our Yulong company 2019 new version certificate of Oeko-tex 100 have passed , which shows that our Yulong company's products are of good quality and can withstand inspection and certification.
  The fabrics we have certified this time include aramid fabric,modacrylic-cotton FR fabric,cotton FR fabric ,cotton-nylon antistatic FR fabric , cotton dyed fabric ,poly-cotton dyed fabric , oil and water proof fabric ,etc . After the certification company comprehensive testing and inspection, the comprehensive technical indicators have passed the strict requirements of the certification standards, and issued a green pass for our product exports ,open a good begining for the export of all kinds of our products . encourage us in the new 2019 year ,all our departments will work hard , Actively develop more new products, make our products have more security protection performance, and serve more and more users , Old products should strengthen the quality of each steps to ensure that the excellent performance of various products, give customers more trust, so that our products and quality go further, get more social recognition, we will devote our best effort to Yulong's rapid development.