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Yulong independently designs fashionable coveralls


Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. always puts brand innovation at the top of enterprise development. In recent years, our company is gradually transforming from Made in China to Create in China. Therefore, our R&D team is constantly innovating. This one-piece tooling was designed by our company’s professional clothing design team. The major highlight of this product is that it does not affect the original functions of the clothing, while adding some details. Make improvements so that tooling can become very fashionable.
 This garment is made of cotton flame-retardant fabric produced by our company. The fabric is characterized by good air permeability, soft feel and comfortable wearing. The free formaldehyde content of the cotton flame-retardant fabric produced by our company is less than 75PPM, non-toxic, tasteless, green, safe, and environmentally friendly, and can be truly harmless to the human body. The hat on the garment is stowed. Put the hat in the collar, the collar will look more upright, making the wearer look more energetic and capable. The chest pocket of this style of clothing no longer uses the previous patch pockets, but uses the organ bag, which not only strengthens the layering of the clothing, but also increases the storage space of the chest pocket. The reflective tape on the chest strap is changed from the previous one-way strip to the current staggered stitching, which visually enlarges the reflective area of ​​the reflective tape, and also makes the clothing look no longer dull and boring. The reflective tapes of the arms and calves are cut off the inner side, leaving only the outer parts that are easier to see. This saves costs and does not affect the warning effect of the reflective tape. Such a costume will make you look different in any occasion. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. sincerely looks forward to your arrival, email: inquiry@yulongfrtex.com