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Yulong Textile Organization Cool Summer Tour


Yulong Textile Organization Cool Summer Tour

We Xinxiang Yulong Textile company organized all the administrative staff of Baoquan cool tour activities on July 23rd. It is located in Xinxiang city of Henan province,which have the largest waterfalls in the north of Henan province.

We set off from the company at 7 in the morning, after one hour’s trip, we arrived at Baoquan scenic area at 8:30. After that, we take the scenic area of small traffic to enjoy the scenic green water along the way. We feel a different kind of cool here.

Then we began hiking climbing, one side is lush green hills, one side is winding water. In this sweltering summer season, here is the best choice for the summer. We had a lot of fun and we used our cell phones or cameras to record all the sights along the way.

The most famous is the Baoquan waterfall, the way we see Shuanglong waterfall,Qingtai waterfall, Shuanzi waterfall and a dozen large and small waterfalls, the water falls is certainly not expected in this rainy season, After 3 hours on foot, we reached the top of the mountain. There are unique glass viewing platform along the Cliff Road, colleagues are curious and challenging their psychological limit, choose to step on the glass path. In fact, when you overcome your inner terror and really stand up there, it's not as scary as you think. After that, it took us only 1 hours to reach the downhill collection. After a brief trimming, we began to return home.

After the activities outside time to time, we see the wonders of nature, we feel the warmth of our Yulong Textile. Each activity makes our colleagues communicate more harmoniously and communicate more smoothly. We enjoyed the trip and enjoyed the closeness of our colleagues and friends. We thank the Yulong company to cultivate our professional knowledge on weekdays but also did not forget to give us more humanistic care, we believe that Xinxiang Yulong company can be in great development under this atmosphere!