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Yulong Textile Organized Excellent Staff to Baiyun Mountain for Two-Day Tour


Yulong Textile Organized Excellent Staff to Baiyun Mountain for Two-Day Tour

July 29 to 30, the general manager of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. Took top staffs Of the first half year to Baiyun Mountain for two-day tour.

Early in the morning of 29th, we came to the collection site, after 5 hours by car, at 12:30 to reach the foot of Baiyun Mountain, after a short break, we began the first day of the journey. In the area along the small traffic along the mountain road around the 317 corners, we began to walk on the mountain, the destination is one of Baiyun Mountain five scenic spots in Kowloon waterfall. We walk at more than 1000 meters above sea level, put down all the trivial things in the city, exposure to the green mountains, walk in the clouds around, big mouth breathing fresh air, enjoy the enjoyment of nature gifts, we can not help but lament the world The Travel more than half of the time, the sky floating rain, white clouds in the misty rain misty even more misty. Standing on the hill looked down, Castle Peak in the misty rain looming, we seem to be in the fairyland in general. After that, we took the first cableway in the Baiyun Mountain area to end the first day of the trip.

The next day, we have a pedestrian early to the area, ready to own a full day full of exposure to Castle Peak clear water. After a night of rain washing, Baiyun Mountain more green mountains, green water is more green. Our first stop is the forest oxygen bar, which contains more than 2000 times higher than the city of negative oxygen ions, exposure to them, looked up is a tall and straight pine trees, looked down over a cluster of green dry lotus. We are here to relax after a few hours of leisure will get up to the last place Jade Emperor - Baiyun Mountain peak. After taking the cable car, arrived in the small Huangshan scenic area, began this day of climbing trip, after nearly three hours, although we are exhausted, panting, but see yourself is one of the few peaks, instant an achievement But on the oil. Then began the road down the mountain, reluctantly ended the two-day journey.

After two days of the journey, our body and mind have been greatly relaxed, we once again see the nature of the gods, but also a deeper understanding of our Yu Long textile staff care. We thank Yu Long Textile for the warmth of our staff, we are glad that they can work in such a large family. We believe that we Yulong Textile will step by step towards a new height, but also believe that each of our employees can play their strengths, and constantly upgrade.