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How to prevent the spread of virus on the sole?


Recently, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through the sole of shoes, with a distance of at least 13 feet (about 4 meters), twice the 2 meters recommended in the previous social isolation guidelines. The new study, published in the CDC's academic journal emerging infectious diseases, was carried out in a hospital in Wuhan, China. The researchers tested air and ground samples and found that about half of the medical staff working in the ICU had new coronavirus on the soles of their shoes. In addition, the study showed that the positive rate of new coronavirus test in the samples obtained from the pharmacy floor was 100%. It is worth noting that only the medical staff will go to the pharmacy, while the infected will not.

Therefore, novel coronavirus pneumonia is strongly recommended by CDC researchers after disinfection of the sole of the new ward. It is suggested to wash the fabric with the product containing bleaching agent at high temperature (60 ℃), so as to enhance the disinfection effect.

In response to this situation, how should medical staff protect themselves? In addition to wearing protective clothing, masks, goggles, gloves, foot covers, etc., it is recommended to use disposable protective shoe covers. The disposable protective shoe cover produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is mainly made of non-woven fabric covered with PE film, which has water resistance: the hydrostatic pressure of key parts shall not be less than 1.67 kPa (17 cmH2O). The surface moisture resistance: the water level of outer surface shall not be less than 3. Breaking strength: the breaking strength of key parts shall not be less than 45N. Elongation at break: the elongation at break of materials at key parts shall not be less than 15%. Elastic belt: no notch, broken line, rebound after stretching. In addition, the strap design is firm and strengthened to prevent falling off.

For ordinary people, there is no need to panic. If there is no contact with patients, there is no need to often wear disposable protective shoe covers. However, during the epidemic period, especially for the national people whose confirmed cases have been rising, they can also wear disposable protective clothing and disposable protective shoe covers for the surrounding uncertain whether there are confirmed cases or latent cases. Protecting yourself is also protecting others.

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