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What are The Requirements for Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

Flame retardant protective clothing is an important personal protective equipment. When the clothing is in direct contact with flames and hot objects, it will carbonize to form an isolation layer and slow down the spread of flame, thus protecting the human body from all kinds of injuries.So what requirements should high-quality flame retardant protective clothing meet?

Protection and safety should be considered first. Flame retardant protective clothing should have excellent protection standards and protection levels, putting functionality first. Its flame retardancy refers to that it can prevent the spread of flame when encountering special high temperature or flame, and the source of the fire can be immediately extinguished once it is evacuated. The most serious burns in a fire often occur when clothing burns, so the flame retardant properties of protective clothing are very important.

Secondly, it has good wear resistance and durability.Flame retardant clothing is suitable for firefighter rescue staff to carry out a variety of complex activities is worn for use.Therefore, flame retardant protective clothing is required to have excellent washing resistance, feel soft, can be used repeatedly for a long time,it is comfortable, lightweight and beneficial to human activities. In addition,it has good breathability and moisture permeability performance, non-toxic, tasteless and non irritant,and environmental protection and health are safe and reliable for human body. Flame retardant protective clothing is widely used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, fire protection, military and other fields, as well as places with open fire, sparks, molten metal and flammable substances.

As the main purpose of protecting the safety of human body flame retardant protective clothing, in addition to the protective performance of the fabric has strict quality requirements, but also including the style, the use of accessories, such as safe insulation buttons, flame retardant zipper, reflective tape and so on. In the aspect of design, the skin surface should be covered as much as possible,such as not using a lapel design to improve the overall safety of the garment.n addition, flame retardant protective clothing can be superimposed on other protective properties to provide better protection for workers for different work environments, such as increased flash and arc protection, static electricity and high temperature waterproof and other multiple protective properties.

Yulong Textile's flame retardant protective clothing not only has comprehensive safety protection,but also reflects a variety of designs. It has the protective function and also has the characteristics of comfort and beauty. its flame retardant, washing resistance, melting resistance, moisture permeability and strength are better. The flame retardant protective clothing produced by the company has strict quality standards and requirements in all aspects from the selection of fabric functions to customized design and production to ensure better flame-retardant performance and service life.

Flame Retardant Protective Clothing