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Warm tips for travel protection on Mother’s Day



Mothers play a very important role in our lives. Every year Mother ’s Day is not a fixed month and a few days, the annual Mother ’s Day is coming, so do you know what the Mother ’s Day is this year? Let's take a look.

Mother's Day (Mother's Day) is a holiday to thank mothers, this festival first appeared in ancient Greece; and the modern Mother's Day originated in the United States, is the second Sunday of May every year, and stipulates that every family must fly the national flag on this day , To express respect for the mother.

At the beginning of Mother's Day every year, major shops will launch a variety of warm gifts and promotions for Mother's Day, reminding everyone not to forget the festival, but also add a lot of atmosphere to the festival. People will also pay tribute to their mothers in various ways, from making greeting cards and gifts by hand, to sending flowers and chocolates, going out or having dinner at home, etc., which shows that the festive atmosphere is very lively.

It should have been "Love You Love You" 2020. From the beginning, people were filled with emotions. In the face of the ups and downs of the epidemic, how many families faced the difference between life and death in life. Although the epidemic situation in China is basically under control, people can basically travel freely;

But looking at the international form: India ’s epidemic continues to soar, and American experts estimate that India ’s epidemic is likely to usher in a large outbreak in mid-May; the World Health Organization (WHO) said that if it is not controlled, the new coronavirus may One year, 29 to 44 million people in Africa are infected, resulting in 83,000 to 190,000 deaths.

In the face of the epidemic, we can take time to go shopping with mothers, nail art, shopping and eating on Mother's Day. However, for your safety, we still need to wear masks in places where there are many people ~

Regarding friends abroad, we still recommend that you not go out as much as possible. You can enjoy a dinner with your parents at home, watch TV with them, pay attention to the current epidemic situation, and talk about the next life; however, if you If you still ca n’t help going out, disposable protective clothing and masks for civilian use are your must-have items.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. was included in the provincial key epidemic prevention and control material guarantee enterprise. During the epidemic period, it actively responded to the government's call and contributed its own strength to fight against the epidemic. The disposable civilian isolation clothing produced by the company, It can be used for daily travel, community epidemic prevention, supermarket staff, private transportation and other occasions as the basic protection isolation, escort for daily safe travel.

During "Mother's Day", if you want to travel safely and willfully, you may wish to contact us!